Many people I know ask me, how do you read so much?! So I’m here to share my extraordinary secret, which is neither extraordinary nor secret actually – I just do. And you can too.

Queuing at the supermarket? Instead of playing a game on your phone, take out your e-reader and get to reading.
Idle time at work? Instead of browsing the internet, read.
Waiting at the dentist/hairdresser/whatever? Instead of checking out the latest magazines at hand, read your book.
Cooking? Audio book it!
Folding laundry? Same.
Driving? Ditto.
Commuting? Read. That. Book.
Night in? Quit binge watching TV shows, and read read read.
Going to bed? Let go of your phone, and read. Who needs sleep anyway?!

Basically, I read everywhere. This is much more convenient when you have an e-reader, but can be done with actual books. Before I got my Kobo, I even read on my phone too. But trust me on this, my e-reader is an essential part of my life now. Whether at home or traveling, I keep it with me at all times.

Now, of course this doesn’t always work. Some books have a more elaborate writing style, or just deal with more philosophical matters that require your full attention. Those books I save for reading at home only (an example of this for me was Crime and Punishment). Otherwise, it really is just a matter of diverting time from other things, and channeling it into reading.
Yes, I do watch some TV. Yes, I go to the movies sometimes! I have Instagram and Sudoku on my phone. But mostly, I read.
And anyway, a huge number of series and films that are out right now are based on a book. So read it. Compare it. Discuss it. Enjoy it!

So there it is. My big fancy trick to be able to read more is… just doing it.

I also don’t confine myself to one genre. I like to read whatever matches my mood that day. Finding the right book for you at the right time is one of the best feelings in the world. When this happens, you’re transported into another world, one that you can picture in your mind, clear as day. To me, that’s even more thrilling than seeing the story unfold on a screen.
Like Stephen King said,
Books are a uniquely portable magic.

Indeed, they truly are.